Reinwok Jira Solutions

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Flexible Calendar for JIRA

JIRA calendar planner for project managers, event planners, HR managers, and whoever needs a more visual calendar planner. Our straightforward interface and easy-to-use platform are by far what sets us apart from other calendar planners.

Product features

Timeline view

View tasks on Timeline calendar and group them by: Project, IssueType, Assignee, Reporter, Fix Version, Component, Epic etc...

Quick Filters

Quick Filters help you filter the tasks on your calendar,so, you can display only those tasks that you need now.

Custom events

Create custom event types that reflect common events like meetings, vacations, business trips, etc...

Agenda view

See your event in a chronological list of appointments grouped by day

External Calendar Subscription

Subscribe to any external calendar (Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar, your phone, and other applications), and see all your events in the one place.


Export calendars to Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar, your phone, and other applications


Configure custom reminders for any event and forget about missed actions and deadlines


The next scopes and views are available: Quarter, Month, Week, Day, Agenda, Timeline

Calendar permission

Configure public and private calendars by applying permissions and share them with other people

Calendar Gadget

Quickly access your calendar from the Jira dashboard. Displays any selected calendar in any time interval

Recurring events

Create and manage recurring events

Drag'n Drop

Drag'n Drop jira issues and custom events

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Reminder Notifications for JIRA

Start using Reminder for Jira and forget about missed actions and deadlines

Product features

JQL Condition

Create conditional reminders to receive the email notification it only in case if it still actual

Reminder Receivers

You can send reminders to users and groups at the same time.

Public/Private Reminders

Create public and private reminders.


Our addon automatically removes reminders that were sent more than 30 days ago.


Notification emails contain important issue details (status, summary, etc...) so it is really easy to understand the subject of the reminder even without opening Jira

Manage Reminders

You can see a list of reminders on the "Issue" page or on the "My Reminders" page. You can also delete or edit reminders if you have permission.